Girls deserve to be safe

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Girls are at high risk for violence such as street harassment, dating and partner violence, and sexual assault. 

Our new Girls Empowerment & Self-Defense Program teaches emotional, verbal and physical self-defense to girls ages 12-18, and is offered at no cost to organizations participating in Fall 2018. 

This 5-session program addresses safety from all angles, including how to respond to a classmate acting inappropriately, setting boundaries while dating, or responding to street harassment. This program provides tools for girls to learn how to communicate assertively, address situations head on, trust their instincts, and value their safety. 

Bring the Girls Empowerment & Self-Defense Program to your summer camp, classroom, or after-school program!

Contact Prevention Coordinator Maggie Szeder at or 215.564.5311 ext. 113 to learn more.