At WIT, we understand that substance abuse is a complex issue, one that is not due to any personal or moral failings on your part. There are many reasons why someone may turn to drugs or alcohol. 

We understand that women who struggle with substance abuse are often held to a higher level of accountability than men, and are often stigmatized for their behavior, especially if they are mothers. We will never blame you for your situation or tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.  

Empowerment counseling is at the heart of our approach. We will work with you to set goals for yourself, discover your unique strengths, and think through the challenges you’ll face during your recovery process.  

We are not a 12-step program, and we are not faith-based; however, we are respectful of each individual's spirituality. We do not require drug tests, but we do ask that you refrain from using drugs or alcohol before you come to your counseling or group sessions. 

If you are struggling with your addiction to drugs and alcohol, and need nonjudgmental support in order to move forward in your life, call our Lifeline at 215.751.1111 for telephone counseling, or click for more information about our individual empowerment counseling and peer support groups.

They are there for you - they give you the support you need.
— Former client