These groups empower women to strengthen their self-confidence and self-esteem, rebuild their lives after being controlled by domestic violence and/or substance abuse, and develop broader life skills.

Sister Circle

Sister Circle is a walk-in support group for women who have experienced domestic violence and/or substance abuse. We provide a safe space for women to share, learn, and support each other. The goal of Sister Circle is that women will learn how to advocate for themselves and their children as they move along the path to safety, sobriety and self-sufficiency. A WIT counselor facilitates discussion and shares resources in the group.

Call our LifeLine at 215.751.1111 for more information about Sister Circle. Or read our FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Recovery Support Groups

Recovery Support Groups are 8-week long groups offered free of charge at women’s drug and alcohol treatment programs. The groups, facilitated by WIT’s Recovery Counselor, provide empowerment counseling that addresses both the substance abuse and domestic violence in your life. In these groups, you can meet other women in different stages of recovery, and support each other as you move forward towards safety and sobriety. Periodically, these groups are offered on-site at WIT. 

  • We offer Playcare for children during business hours upon request.

  • WIT does not promote any religious doctrine, but we acknowledge that spirituality is an important part of many women’s lives.

Sister Circle FAQ 

What can I expect from the group? 
Safe space, Confidentiality, Respect, Support, Resources

What is the time commitment?
There is no long-term commitment - simply come when you can.

What is the structure of the group? 
The group is unformatted - the topics each week are based on the needs of the women. The facilitator maintains a safe environment that is respectful of the diversity of the room.

Do I have to participate in the dialogue? 
No. Speaking up or sharing your story is optional, but we do want you to listen.

How is diversity handled?
Every woman comes to WIT with her own unique experiences. We work to create an environment that embraces each person’s experience.

WIT is full of strong women who were in the same situation as I was.
— Former client