Anna: No Longer Afraid


Anna* left her abuser and took Katie*, her 6-year old child, with her. She was on track to get her life back: she was working to get her green card, and she was determined to raise Katie on her own, despite the lack of financial support from her ex-partner.

But her abuser kept calling and calling her at all hours, with pleading (“I want us to be a family again”) and threats (“I’ll take Katie and make you go back to Italy”) and promises to change his ways, if only she came back home.

          Instead, she came to WIT.

          With her WIT counselor, Anna created a safety plan for herself and Katie, and learned how to handle his incessant phone calls. He’d call her and leave numerous messages, promising he’d change his ways if only she went back to him.

          She learned how to document and report every incident for law enforcement, to build a case against him. Emotional safety planning was key: “I will not dial pain,” she’d tell herself whenever she felt her resolve weakening and giving in to his calls.

“I’m not afraid of him anymore"

Today, Anna has successfully blocked all contact with her abuser, and has had a three-year standing Protection From Abuse (PFA) order.The other day, she said to her counselor, “I’m not afraid of him anymore, and he’s not bullying me ever again. I’m different now and I will never be that scared woman again.”


 *Names changed for confidentiality