Meet WIT's new staff

Meet WIT's new staff

Please join us in welcoming WIT's new staff! 

They are working on a range of exciting initiatives at WIT, including launching our new Therapeutic Services program, broadening our Community Outreach to under-served populations, and expanding our Spanish-English bilingual counseling services.

Girls deserve to be safe

Girls are at high risk for violence such as street harassment, dating and partner violence, and sexual assault. 

Our new Girls Empowerment & Self-Defense Program teaches emotional, verbal and physical self-defense to girls ages 12-18, and is offered at no cost to organizations participating in Fall 2018. 

Have You Talked to Your Teen(s) About Healthy Relationships?

Sometimes the important conversations we need to have are the hardest to begin. 

Studies have shown that 1 in 5 high school girls and 1 in 10 high school boys* will experience some form of dating violence before they graduate. Whether they experience it first-hand or through a friend, educating your teen about healthy and unhealthy relationships can help equip them to safely navigate the world of dating.  

WIT is on the move!

We are proud to welcome you to WIT's new home on August 30th at the Cast Iron Building, 718 Arch Street, Suite 401N. 

Our new space will have a larger client welcome area; a multi-purpose community room for peer support groups, WAVE workshops, and advocacy meetings...

Training DHS workers around substance abuse and domestic violence

WIT’s Community Education Coordinator Zoe Nesin recently trained 50 Department of Human Services (DHS) workers on the dynamics of domestic violence, substance abuse among women, and the linkages between them. DHS workers often encounter domestic violence and substance in their line of work, and it is important that they understand how each functions (both domestic violence and substance abuse are influenced by childhood trauma and intergenerational cycles of violence), how they reinforce each other, and how to use harm reduction and provide trauma-informed, empowering support to clients.

Meet WIT's New Executive Director

Last spring, I received a call from a teacher at a local elementary school - her fifth grade class wanted to learn about domestic violence. Would I be willing to come in and talk to them in my role as WIT's Prevention Director? I enthusiastically agreed, but as I hung up the phone, I wondered, How do you talk to 10-year-old children about violence and abuse?