WIT is committed to providing educational programs and presentations that help communities recognize and respond to domestic violence, substance abuse, child abuse, gender-based assault, community violence, and the linkages between them.

We can train staff as well as participants, and customize workshops to suit your organization's needs. We work with medical providers, faith-based organizations, government agencies, social service agencies, schools, workplaces, and other groups. We are also available to table and distribute information at community and resource fairs.

Examples of past trainings include:

  • Presenting at a church on how to address domestic violence in the congregation
  • Training staff at social service agencies on how to work with clients who present with domestic violence or substance abuse
  • Partnering with Human Resources (HR) staff to develop policies around domestic violence and substance abuse in the workplace
  • Working with treatment programs on the linkages between domestic violence and substance abuse

We also offer WAVE empowerment self-defense workshops. Click here for more information about WAVE.

Contact us at 215.564.5301 ext.116 or at znesin@helpwomen.org for a needs assessment and to discuss fees. We are happy to work with you to design a training specific to your organization’s needs.